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Since 1989, we have helped create programs and portfolios to meet long-term financial goals. Have questions about investments, taxes, retirement, and/or estate planning? Richard Knowles is here to answer your questions and concerns.

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We start by clarifying our fee structure and explaining the different ways we can help. Then we analyze your goals and compare them to your current portfolio and tax and estate plan. Finally,  we recommend an integrated  financial and tax strategy designed to meet your risk tolerance and future planned goals.

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Our team is comprised of people with different kinds of finance experience, but we all have this in common--a commitment to ethics and integrity. We’re all fully licensed and credentialed. And you can count on unbiased recommendations, vast experience honed by successful accomplishement and impartial guidance.

Our Team


Richard Knowles, B.Sc., Snr. Associate, Financial Planner (Cert.)

Richard began his career in 1988 working within a small independent Vancouver brokerage firm, Real Securities Inc. specializing in advanced investment products like real estate limited partnerships and tax shelters along with mutual funds and financial planning. 

In 1989, he helped establish a new investment dealer, Vantage Securities Inc. which, with his help and leadership, went on to underwrite and/or bring to market over $300 million of innovative and profitable Venture Capital Corporations (V.C.C.s), Real Estate Limited Partnerships (L.P.s), Flow Through Tax Shelters, all brokered mutual funds and segregated funds, low fee wrap accounts for stocks, bonds, debentures and tax advantaged product planning and design specific to a client's tastes, style and comfort.

 In 1990, he added Laurentian Bank of Canada to his organization bringing in knowledge in managing financial back offices and furthering his expertise in advanced portfolio management, taxation, estate structure, risk management, life insurance, mortgages, debt and lending underwriting. 

In 1994, Richard acquired his Field Risk underwriters Level III and  his firm brought in the nationally recognized independent financial firm Equinox Financial Group/ Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. and their teams of estate and risk management experts to his team of associates. 


In 2004, Richard added Investia Financial Advisors Inc. to his team and back office for the portfolio management team and became certified as an independent Financial Planner with  Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada.  

Richard is the recipient of Five Star Professional's 2013 Wealth  Manager Award.


Richard is a nationally recognized expert and has been heard on nationally recognized news radio station News1130 and internet radio and coninues to be a contirbuting columnist for various Canadian newspapers and investment professional  magazines and journals..

Richard is licensed in  Canadian Exempt  Market Securities. 

With 29 years of expertise, he maintains respected independent Associate Firm status with National Bank Financial (Special Services ), B2B Bank, BMO,   Canadian Western Trust , respected Trust Companies, GIC Direct, QTrade , TD, ScotiaBank, Royal Bank and all accredited Canadian financial institutions and insurers in areas as diverse as  advanced  portfolio management (wrap accounts, stocks, bonds/fixed income, REITs, L.P.s, tax shelters,  self-directed investment etc.) and investment lending programs and services, mortgages and Exemp Market investment products. 

When not working,or helping other companies as a professional Director,  you can find him  playing outdoors or playing jazz guitar professionally  locally in Vancouver . 


Associates to the Firm

Associated Teams working under Richard Knowles & Associates:

- Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. Advanced  Estate, Insurance and Tax Planning team since 1994

- Investia Financial Services Inc. Vancouver branch portfolio management team since 2004

- National Bank Financial, Special Services Dept. team for advanced investment and portfolio management since 1989

- Laurentian Bank of Canada, Brokerage Services team since 1990

- Canadian Western Trust's team for Self-Directed Mortgage RRSP and Individual Pension Plans (I.P.P.).

In addition, he and his associates have direct access to the advanced tax, legal and estate planning departments of all the major chartered banks, mutual fund companies and insurers in Canada.

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